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FREE SHIPPING For your consideration The pinnacle, the sweetest.. GT FREESTYLE TOUR FRAME AND FORK. UNSTAMPED HANDLEBARS. 1287 SERIAL.. DO NOT HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW WANTED THIS IS!!! THEY ARE ASKING 1800 ON THE MUSEUM AND THIS ONE? ..WE  STILL PAY TAXES OVER THIS PRICE. YOU DO THE MATH!! Used with scratches. Some rust spots and thinning chrome, 1 tiny dent on toptube.  NON FS stamped so US made.  Fork has a lot op pitting and chrome loss.  Double brake guides on the fork!!  Handlebar has pitting, chrome loss and some rust.   Solid base for a dream classic build.  Not perfect but solid.  If you are looking for a perfect one.. this is not for you. This baby is used but not abused!!!! Great dropouts!!  Buy and hit the streets with the patina, ... or restore... dayglow, or whatever you are dreaming of!!!! Check out the pics and decide for yourself. *Buyers from countries outside the European Union are responsible for Value Added Tax and/or import duties in their own country. Buyers in the European Union have the VAT included in the price*  WE ARE STILL SHIPPING. COVID MIGHT SLOW HANDLING TIME BUT WE ARE WORKING HARD TO SHIP OUT ASAP!! RESPECT TO ALL THE SHIPPERS AND HANDLERS WORLDWIDE STILL KEEPING THINGS ROLLING! THANKS FOR WATCHING. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE.  REMEMBER THAT THE REAL OLD SCHOOL HAS THE GOODIES. WE BUY AND SELL AND SO IF YOU HAVE NICE STUFF DROP US A LINE. WE HAVE THE SERVICE AND KNOWLEDGE! Shipping worldwide with track and trace. Please ask for shipment prices for your country before you hit the buy button. IT MIGHT BE CHEAPER Shipment is done two days after payment is received. If you don't like my price, make me an offer I can't refuse BUT KEEP IT REALISTIC. If you have any questions please don't hesitate. I do ship with track and trace and insurance but I can't guarantee the fastest delivery time if customs holds the package. That is unfortunatly not in my power. I do the best I can to get your package out ASAP after your order.


  • Buy with confidence. You will receive what you see in the pics

  • Shipping worldwide with track and trace. Shipment is done two days after payment is received.

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